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In just a few days I will have been in Nica for three weeks. In some ways it’s hard to believe that three weeks have gone by but in other ways it’s very believable that three weeks have passed.

This week was physically exhausting to say the least. It’s my week to attend to the dorm girls while getting ready for school. Which meant a 4:00am wake up call and 25 girls missing socks and not wanting to get out of bed. We also had a medical team here from all over the globe care for the women and children here at Casa Esperanza as well as people from the community. In one room there were teeth being pulled and in another room minor surgeries were happening. It was amazing to see what could be done with so little. Doctors with time and equipment…generators…add people and miracles happened. It was neat to be a very small part of caring in a practical manner to the people of Managua. The doctors worked tirelessly from 8:00am until 4:00pm or after. Amazing people who l…
It’s been ten full days now living in Nica and in full Nica style I might add. This week has been one of adventure and growth in many ways for me personally. Last Sunday evening me and the other two gringas went to the local grocery store called La Union and upon our return we were met by a rushing river where the road to the House of Hope once was. This road is called simply 13 but it was no longer a road. It was evening and quickly getting dark as in Nica there are not many street lamps…so here we were…three gringas sitting in a big truck waiting for a river to become a road once again. After a couple of hours the waters slowed and we decided to be brave and attempt to drive to the HOH. Once we tried to start the engine of the truck it would turn over. Again…three gringas on the side of the road now truly stuck. We called Oscar the on campus director of HOH. He came in boots and a motorcycle. We discovered it was the spark plugs. He asked us to flag a truck down to he…
It hasn’t officially been a week but we’ll just keep that little detail between you and I. 
Arriving to Nica was well…emotional on many ends. Sad I was leaving and to be honest a lot scared. Scared of nothing in particular just scared because I was about to land in a country where I didn’t speak their language and I was alone. I got to Nica about 4:30pm local time…which for EST was 6:30pm. I had been traveling a total of 12 hours and was exhausted.
Laura, who is the teams’ coordinator for House of Hope, picked me up and she drove me to my new casa. It was dark so most of the girls didn’t recognize me at first and I didn’t recognize too many of them. I spotted a familiar face and I wasn’t sure it was really who I thought it was until she ran into the main meeting room screaming “She’s here she’s here! My madrina is here!” At that point I knew it was my Lupe. Lupe is the little girl I wrote about my last day at House of Hope and how God chose her to show me his love. I sc…