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.This. week has been a good week of just "getting back to normal" at House of Hope. The week was fairly busy with a team of women from the states here. Counting beads and getting production ready for the next few Tuesday's that we are going to be doing production until the end of the year. There is always a lot to do here...that's a certain constant...there is always work to be done.

.Last. week I wrote about 5 dorm girls running away and not wanting to live at House of Hope anymore. One of those girls returned with her grandmother on Tuesday. Upon her return she refused to talk to anyone or even look at us. She was being a teenager who was angry at the world...which we all understand right? There were obvious frustrations with the staff on campus with an unruly teenager that was at risk of jetting away at her first opportunity. Talking with the dorm mom, Brittany, she was expressing that she was frustrated with the girl not …

.I. have been in awe of God and who he is displaying himself to be this past week.

.Life. at House of Hope has changed tremendously over the past few weeks but God is still who he is and he is the one in charge. There has been a bit of un-steadiness on campus which has caused some of the women and a lot of the dorm girls to be a little less stable than usual.

.This. past week I was on dorm duty...waking up with the girls at 4:30am and helping them get ready for school. I am so thankful that it was me who had this week because of the events that took place on Friday morning. This Friday five of the dorm girls had decided to run away from House of Hope. They packed their bags and left campus around 3:40...just before wake up call. Three of the girls were found by our on campus director, Oscar Jr., and brought back to campus. They refused to go back into the dorm and eventually called their parents in order to make arrangements to return to their homes. During the chaos of the five girls…



.To. say the least these past two weeks have been the most difficult spiritually and mentally.

.Personally. these past couple weeks have been amazing in feeling God super close and present.

.I. have seen and been a part of God revealing His truth...moving and uprooting allow Truth to grow. I have been able to worship Him in ways that only pain and confusion can bring up. God is moving in such huge ways that I just want to shout at the top of the mountain "Look at what my God is doing! Look at Him move!"

.To. recount a conversation I had with a dear dear friend "I am just really proud of God and who he is and what he is doing. I feel like I want to make him cookies for being so good!" Yep...I actually said that. That's how I am with God. Just real and's who I am...I can't help it.

.I. know that in my own personal life I have had God rip out things that I was believing and clinging on to and living in to replace with himsel…