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.so. apparently it takes me some time to even sprout such things as roots. seven years to be more specific. i've been in the 'burg for seven years now and i just recently called it "home" for the first time. first time. that's a lil bit ridiculous if i do say so myself. but it's true. i've always hesitated when speaking of my "home" being in the 'burg. i usually would say "i'm headed back to my apartment." or something to that affect. never home. just where i sleep at night. never home. never my home.

.when. i said thank you for someone driving me home just about a month ago i literally looked surprised..and it was a surprise at myself. like there was a mirror in front of me. i was surprised first off that i actually called the 'burg my home..and that i didn't correct myself when i said it. now..being that i've lived here for the past seven years and just now started calling it my home i started to think what has c…