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.Over. these past couple of days God has been so good in showing me rays of his hope and his love through watching the women and children here at HOH. Some days are hard to see past the smoke and the here and now to see the glimmers and rays and bright lights of HOPE that God gives.
.It’s. always easy to see the mess of life before seeing the big picture or the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s true for anyone..anywhere..any time. I often share with others about my walk through and away from addictions in this way. Describing them as intense and covering it’s like I look out all I see is my addiction.

.All. I can see is the hardness of saying no to whatever that thing that I don’t want to do is up in my face...again.
.You. know you have been there. Be it addiction to drugs, alcohol, coffee, brownies…that feeling that all you can think about is that one thing that you CAN’T do or let yourself have.
.I. know I’ve been there. On my floor crying out to God to move…



.These. past couple of weeks at HOH have flown by. Teams coming and going. Days starting and ending. Work to be done. Babies entering the world. Most importantly many women coming and leaving their life of prostitution. We now have a full house at HOH. We have a total of 19 women..the youngest being 15..that is living in the residential program at HOH. One of the women just welcomed her 4th child..a little girl..into the world Aug. 14th.

We have a total of 26 girls living in the dorm as well.

.Needless. to say nothing is quite on campus any more. :)

.I. am a bit overwhelmed with even what to say. I just really want to share some pictures of my family here with you. I want to show you how beautiful God is through them. I want to show you who I do life with every day. This is a picture of God's heart..and mine.


God Is Able
He Will Never Fail
He Is Almighty God

Greater Than All We Seek
Greater Than All We Ask
He Has Done Great Things

Lifted Up
He Defeated The …


.Another. yay God moment happened just yesterday! Oscar went and picked up two new women to move into the residential program at the House of Hope! Two more lives on the way to restoration and leaving their life of sin. God is good.
.Some. things I never want to get used to about being at the House of Hope is seeing brokenness and broken people. I have found myself talking to Jesus this week a lot about wanting him to burn the faces of these precious children and women in my mind and in my heart.
That I would not forget the look in their eyes.
That I would not forget their voice.
That I would not forget what God has brought them out of…and what he desires so desperately to do in them.
That I would not become hard or desensitized to the stories of these people whom I love dearly.

.This. week I’ve had the privilege of being the person that the girls have shared hurts with. I’ve cried with and over several girls this week in just hearing what aches their hearts and what…