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.This. past week has been one of some major reflection for me. Reflection can either be good or bad for all of us...but this reflection moment was all good and ALL GOD. It's kind of wild really where I am even just typing these words...Managua, Nicaragua...all because God interrupted my life in a way I never saw coming. He's just that good. That he would save me...he chose me...even though I was his enemy.

.I. was against him in every way possible.

.For. those of you who don't know me...or God's story through me...this will be a lil' recap of what God in his power and grace and mercy has done and IS doing. For those of you who do know me...the before...and you have a relationship with God...join me in worshipping what a powerful God we surrendered to.

.My. story in a few words or less would be: "I was hateful...angry...bitter...hurt...and broken trying to act whole. I had a really good mask...and I knew how to wear it. Then…


.ouch. doesn’t really begin to describe this past week.

.this. week started with one woman leaving with her four month old daughter early in the morning. She was here at HOH for about a week and a half. Then in the evening when all of the business of dinner and homework was going on two girls packed up their belongings and ran away.
.heartbroken. is a better way to explain how I felt when we discovered they had left.

.one. girl had been here maybe a week and a few days. She has lived here at HOH in the dorm off and on and it is typical for her to come and go sadly. She was a major influence of the second girl leaving. The second girl is one of the girls I have become the most closest too. I shared my story with her. She is the one I wrote about a few weeks ago…her story we are likely to never forget. Over the past several weeks there was a change in her…a GOOD change! She actually wanted to go to school. She was getting excited about school projects and proud of herself when she re…