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.here. is the fun part where we all get to see God provide and work by using his a part of what he is doing.

.my. goal for the trip is to raise right around $4,500. this includes airfare to and from, living expenses while there as well as emergency funds for anything that may come up.  feel free to click here to open up the online giving page. this will open up a new window so you can keep reading if you'd like. :)

.as. the days are slowly ticking by i am realizing that they are going to start flying by and i'm going to be wondering where March went..where April went..and where May went. i have set a few goals to keep me focused for these next ten weeks. the main goal that i am constantly reminding myself of is "love people my friends and my family well right now. don't pull away. don't do self-protect mode. love only."

.those. that are closest to me know this journey of letting people in and allowing others deep in…


.so. here it is the big news you have all been waiting for....

.i've. posted a little something about it on Facebook this past weekend but here's the details of what i posted.

.i. am scheduled to be moving to nica for six months starting in June!

.not. a shock or surprise i'm sure to some people..but it is to me. which is weird because i was the one who applied for the internship. i went through the "next steps" that God was giving me. but alas i'm still surprised that i will be leaving the country for six months in just over two months.

.surprised. that in mid janurary i almost opted out of what God had for me in nicaragua!

.surprised. that just eight months ago i had what my friends and i like to call "the incident"..a small tango with my past..where i learned deeply about God's love and GRACE covering my life.

.surprised. that i've only been walking with God for about a year and a half..but i can't recognize myself because of what he …