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.so. apparently it takes me some time to even sprout such things as roots. seven years to be more specific. i've been in the 'burg for seven years now and i just recently called it "home" for the first time. first time. that's a lil bit ridiculous if i do say so myself. but it's true. i've always hesitated when speaking of my "home" being in the 'burg. i usually would say "i'm headed back to my apartment." or something to that affect. never home. just where i sleep at night. never home. never my home.

.when. i said thank you for someone driving me home just about a month ago i literally looked surprised..and it was a surprise at myself. like there was a mirror in front of me. i was surprised first off that i actually called the 'burg my home..and that i didn't correct myself when i said it. now..being that i've lived here for the past seven years and just now started calling it my home i started to think what has changed. the only thing really is this invisible cord..jesus cord..that is now tying me to the people and friends in my life.

.before. i had friends..lots of them. all kinds. from all walks of life. good friends. so that's not the issue. i had people and they had me. but it was just that. nothing more.

.now. i have friends..lots of them. all kinds. from all walks of life. good friends. i have people and they have me. but the difference that i belong to them and they belong to me. (here's where it's appropriate to start singing "we're all in this together.." end scene) no but really..i belong to my "jesus people". that's a deeper more intimate friendship/relationship even if i'm not trying to have it be that. it just is. there is like an invisible string of "jesus" that connects me to them and them to me. whole new level of friendship here.

.for. your hearing pleasure..this is the theme song for this post...lynchburg.i'm

.kinda. neat to have this realization..and a lil scary i must admit. a lot of responsibility with belonging to you and you belonging to me. so that's it. that's the difference between then and now and the fact that the 'burg is now my home and where i belong. took me moving away 3 times in 3 years to get it through my thick head though.

.here's. to putting my roots even deeper and belonging to more people.

.and. here's an omage to my seven years of "no roots"..




2008 (lotta roots here though)



(basically i need more 2011 pix..of my friends and me in group shots..sooo...yep)

.here's. to getting new roots..and going deeper..with that invisible "jesus" string..


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