Tuesday, July 12, 2011


.learning. curve is necessary for me on this little word. i kinda feel like i'm being thrown into this whole new thing of grace and what it really means. getting something you don't deserve. webster's dictionary defines grace as: unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification. interesting that they throw the word "divine" in there. this is a concept i don't really get. i can see it at some small points along the way but i know there are a ton more that i just miss. i walk right over the graces that i receive every day. i wish that i realized all the graces that i get every day. shoot. every minute. i've learned this new term "common grace". these are every day grace(s) that everyone gets because our God is good. like medicine, air, good doctors, etc. there is also another level of grace that God extends to his children. crazy right? we are so undeserving yet because he is good and he is love and does not act outside of that he lavishes his grace and mercy on us. amazing.

.i. guess that's why it's called amazing grace..how sweet the sound.

.my. heart needs to be more soft..more open to see the grace(s) that i get all around me. i want my heart to be soft to this. to be able to see it so clearly and quickly. this is grace in and of itself that God does this. that he loves us so that we get to see him. we get to experience him. oh how self-entitled i can be to feel that i deserve it..because i so don't.

.i. want grace filled eyes that can see it more and more.



  1. I like that term, Common Grace. I hadn't heard it before. :) <3 ya

  2. Grace abounds in His house.... beyond our own understanding.