Friday, February 10, 2012


.that's. the question now..


.so. what do i do with all that God started? What do i take as my next step towards God? towards obedience?

.this. blog was step number one. bringing people in on it. deeply in on it. that meant being able to write more. express more. being willing to share more. so for me that practically meant a new computer. i have been nursing this computer that was gifted to me when i was a senior in college. back in the day..about five years ago. it was a good computer while it lasted..but like any is holding on by it's fingernails. for example it tells me every time i turn it on that i have put in a foreign battery and cannot recognize it and will not be able to charge. no use in arguing with my computer..but it's had the same battery since day one.

.with. that said..i started sharing that buying a computer..and a good my next step. to bring others into this God story. to have it be their story too. each one of you who has been reading these past four posts about my trip with God have all been a part of tapping into what God is doing. i was sharing it just so happened that a friend had recently purchased a new computer and was wanting to sell a year old MacBook Pro. can you say "God thing?"!! so this is my first posting with my new computer..and it hasn't shut down or frozen not once. amazing.

.this. is my next clear step for today. to bring you in on what God is doing..has been doing..and will continue to as long as i am obedient to him. i want to bring you along. this is God's story and i am merely sharing it..a vessel if you will.

.coming. home from Nica has been exhausting..confusing..hard..good..exciting..and just all around God. i am seeing God work around me like i never thought i would ever get to see or be a part of. and to think i almost didn't go. i almost said no to God. it makes me think what else have i said no to God and missed out on? what else are the little things that i have shut off. in the big room at Blue Ridge we have been going through a series about the Holy Spirit. talk about timing in my life. i'm sure it has been like that for many that attend the ridge. God is moving in huge ways. i know i don't want to miss out or to skip by on something because i am scared or unsure..or doubting.

.this. morning the leaders of CRASH..a mid-size women's group at the ridge..met to talk about our strongholds..and what Truth we can put up against it. i know mine. i have been on this lies/Truth journey for several months now. where i have been writing down lies i know i believe and live strongholds..and the Truth of God's word that goes against what i am believing. i have seen God move in me through that in major ways. i shared that one of my strongholds is this belief that rolls around my head that "no matter how far i am from my past junk..sin..i will eventually end up back there."


.i. know that rationally..but sometimes it seems over powering..and i loose focus of Jesus. and the Truth that sets me free. but this morning when i shared that lie..i realized that it hasn't been a huge issue for me these past few weeks..even month or so..and that is all because of God. his truth sinking down deep into eph. 3:17 says.."then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. your roots will grow down into God's love and keep you strong."

.isn't. HE good?!


  1. Ash, you are beautiful inside and out. Love what God is doing in you and your obedience to Him.

  2. Thank You for letting me know the inside.
    Yes, God.
    I'm loving it.
    Love You,

  3. I've really enjoyed reading all of your posts! Thank you for sharing :)