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.so. here it is the big news you have all been waiting for....

.i've. posted a little something about it on Facebook this past weekend but here's the details of what i posted.

.i. am scheduled to be moving to nica for six months starting in June!

.not. a shock or surprise i'm sure to some people..but it is to me. which is weird because i was the one who applied for the internship. i went through the "next steps" that God was giving me. but alas i'm still surprised that i will be leaving the country for six months in just over two months.

.surprised. that in mid janurary i almost opted out of what God had for me in nicaragua!

.surprised. that just eight months ago i had what my friends and i like to call "the incident"..a small tango with my past..where i learned deeply about God's love and GRACE covering my life.

.surprised. that i've only been walking with God for about a year and a half..but i can't recognize myself because of what he has done in me.

.surprised. that three years ago i was running as far away as i could from God.

.realizing. this truth..that God is redeeming my life right before my eyes..brings my heart even closer to his and having my roots grow down into him even more. as some of you know those verses in ephesians about our roots growing down deep into God's love has been my theme verse for the past three or so months. i am living proof that God's word is alive and active. it's happening. i've got "roots" and they are going way down deep!

.so. next steps for now..

.i've. informed my supervisor at work just today about the big news..and she wasn't surprised either. (why am i the only one surprised?) so it's officially public and out of the bag so to speak. i've got a ton to do between now and June 5th. i've even counted my wednesdays b/c that's when my small group meets at Blueridge. i've got a total of 11 wednesdays left including tomorrow.

.step. one buy plane ticket! the cost of flights alone will be around the $1000 range (that's the high end).

.step. two start raising support. TWO types of support are needed. one funding monetarily. that's a given. two is prayer support. praying now. praying while i'm there. praying upon return. pray! someone had a wonderful idea in this area. to have people be committed to pray for me each day i am gone..i'm brainstorming with this idea and will come up with some ways you can be involved in this way!

.step. three learn spanish. i've got a computer program that i'm steadily plugging away at with trying to get as much spanish into my head as possible prior to leaving.

.step. four adios amigos!

.as. for now i've got a couple ideas on how to raise support as far as painting some pallets again and making bracelets to sell. all in all i will need to raise about $3,400-$4,000. if you feel led to give in this way let me know. please email me at or if you are local i'm easy to find. ;)

.deep. breath.


.so. excited and humbled to get to serve God in this way. i'm super excited to be able to bring you along with me as well.

.let's go.


  1. YAY Ash! I am SO excited for you! Can't wait to hear all about how God is using you in amazing ways! :)


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