Thursday, May 19, 2011


.ok. so now there are some out there who are questioning giving me rides for fear of what i will write in said blog-o-sphere. then on the flip side some..cough cough..want to make the trip so extremely memorable that i may in fact be fearful to ride with them. with that said no need to fear only fantastical stories of delight will make it here.

.now. to the nitty gritty. yesterday i had the joy of riding with someone i barely know. made for awkward moments of "getting to know you" time. this is someone that i met at the ridge briefly and randomly discovered we work for the same company. this proved to be a super fun jumping out of my comfort zone kind of time. sharing why i need such rides and thanking him for driving me home. i heard some of his heart. (i told ya that people just open up behind the wheel.) he made a profound statement in the sense of helping people. i was thanking him for the ride and realizing that it was completely out of his way to bring me home. opposite ends of town. he said that he actually likes doing things more when it is more inconvenient for him. upside down right? kind of neat to see that. made me sit back and say..hmm. shoot..if i didn't know Jesus i'd say this was weird..but now on the other side of things i can say whoa..Jesus would go out of his way to serve me. neat.

.little. did he know the depths of what that semi-simple statement has for me right now. just feeling so much like a burden to people. even if i am on their way. hearing that some people, Jesus people, want to do things like serve out-of-the-way is God in them. new thoughts for me. no strings attached love in action i guess.

.this. whole situation..being w/o a not a coincidence by any means right now. it's very much like God knew that i would try to run from this new family..Jesus family..and i can't. i have to stay connected to even do simple things like go to the grocery store or get to work. i'm much like a little kid who is pushing the limits and boundaries but God is saying "no no no come back over here silly." learning curve is high on this one.

.this. one is not so funny. but it's what happened. maybe i'll have a funny story of ghetto talk in a parking lot or having some random guy wanting to talk to me at a red light. oh how i love ghetto fab people.



  1. what? who would threaten you with near death experiences just to get on the blog? Shame on them. ;) The lil known secret is that we love you and would miss you terribly if you ran.

  2. i have no idea who would threaten with near death experiences.. :)