Wednesday, May 18, 2011


.well. this is gonna be a journey of me being on this journey without a license. i've been transported back in time pre-16..w/o a license to freedom. i "get to" be much like a high schooler traveling around with my bookbag and thumbing rides via the high tech version of hitchiking..aka..texting for rides.

.i. am going to try to share as much as possible about the people i meet along these next few months and the relationships that are being built or just starting out. i feel already that this is going to be an adventure. i have noticed that people tend to talk, a lot, behind the wheel. i guess something about being in their own space and having the comfort of being in control of the ride makes them feel right at home. i am a fan of it though. being that i am new to most of these people and vice versa. i guess i should start by saying that this whole thing..being behind the majorly out of my comfort zone. i was always the one who would drive anywhere no matter how far or how inconvenient it was for me..i was driving there. now i am the one always behind the dashboard..or even the backseat.

.so. as not to digress over the past two weeks of me not driving i will abstain from sharing the fun stories of riding w/ people and walking in kroger parking lots for now. from this point forward consider yourself forewarned that you may be blogged about if you happen to find me in your passenger seat.


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