Wednesday, June 1, 2011


.so. here's a fun story of some high school guys trying to move up in the world.

.at. s.bux with a dear friend of mine last night. going really deep about what's going on in both of our lives. the good the bad and the ugly for sure. how crazy it is how "fancy" we make our dis-belief in God..and how "pretty" we make our sin to be. least that's what i do.

.moving on.

.as. our chat was winding down we were witness to some brave recent grads from a local high school try to engage some girls outside of s.bux. this is what happened:

.boy #1. "hey do i know you?"

.boy #2. "yea, i think i recognize you and your friend!"

.girl #1. " you go to "insert college"?"

.boy #1. "yea..i actually just graduated."

.girl #1. "oh wow, what did you major in?"

.boy #1. "well we don't have majors at "insert high school". "

.girl #2. "so you just graduated from high school?!"

.boy #2. "yea..but that's like "insert college"."

.girl #2. *walks away w/ look of  "i can't believe this is really happening"

.boy #1. "so what are you majoring in? do you know "insert name drop"? he is a senior "at said college"."

.girl #1. "i'm a junior at "said college" and no i don't know him. i've gotta go" *abrupt walk away*

.boy #1 and #2. *left standing with ghoulish grins b/c they just tried to pick up college girls..yes they failed but they were smiling none the less.

.lesson. here is..graduating from high school is not the same as college. boys should learn the art of rejection and tact earlier then 18. girls should learn to just say no.

.t'was. entertaining however. kind of painful to watch but the boys didn't seem too hurt nor the girls to insulted. after they all went their separate ways an uproar of laughter happened w/ the other by-standers. apparently my friend and i were not the only ones who witnessed such events. it was the talk of the patio.


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  1. Socially awkward moments are ripe for entertainment! It's fun to hear people on their first date, too.