Tuesday, June 7, 2011


.this. weekend i tried to be adventurous. i live about 3 miles away from target. that doesn't sound all that bad..however every one of those miles is uphill..both ways. my roommate was out of town for the weekend and i had exhausted all of my "self-entertainment" by 11:00am so i decided to try out walking. i started out on my little journey w/ my high tech device tracking my movement and estimating my time of arrival.

.not. a mile into my independent journey a white car cut into my path. i looked up suspiciously and saw a hand out the window waving at me jovially. i thought to myself "aw this person thinks he knows me..or he thinks i'm going to actually ride w/ him." as i got closer i was able to see that i actually knew this person..he's the husband of a good friend. he offered to give me a ride to my destination and i went with it.

.i. spent the next several hours perusing the aisles of such fine establishments such as target, bb&b, peir 1, and barnes. enjoying watching people and putting new bedding together. i have a secret love for pillows..and not the practical pillows..the ones that just make a bed/couch look nice. (which, btw, i found some amazing pillows and they look great!) around the end of me getting bored i realized that it may be difficult to walk 3 miles w/ rather large pillows. as i was "un shopping" i saw a friend of mine! she offered to give me a ride home! yay! check out that crazy provision! got to catch up w/ a friend i hadn't seen in a long time, got to purchase my rather amazing new pillows, and i seem to not be able to "run away".

.such. coolness but lil freaky that i see people i know walking down the street and in stores. not used to the "small" town feel. in a big city like new orleans you get to walk around anonymously but at the same time feel like family to everyone but here in the 'burg you can't go even a mile without seeing someone you know. the small town feel is growing on me..about time..i've now been in the 'burg (on and off) for about 6 years. (scary) but..there is something to be said about the culture of the new orleans people. i miss it. miss the smell of coffee w/ chicory..miss the sights of the "qu'ater" and the frozen cafe au laits. sigh. but this lil 'burg culture where "everybody knows your name" is kinda making me feel at home. "Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez"


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